Paul Stanfield is a UI/UX Designer based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Hey, I’m Paul, a designer with a great passion for creating digital products and shaping user experiences. I have 4 years experience in studio, product, startup & freelance environments and have degrees in Interactive Multimedia Design and Creative Multimedia.

I currently focus on UI/UX design & consultancy with a dash of front end development whilst also being proficient in other areas of design such as print design, graphic design and branding. I believe in crafting intuitive, organic and scalable digital products that enhance user interactions and improve business performance.

I’m fascinated by Nordic culture, product design and enjoy nothing more than a tasty lunch and a good cup of coffee whilst I plan the next country to visit with my girlfriend fiancée.

Selected companies & clients I’ve been associated with include: Crafty Devil, Flowlens, Mette Creates, Dale Farm, Fathom & Visionworks Interactive.

A selection of my work can be seen on Dribbble.

Have an interesting project? Lets have a chat. I'm reachable on LinkedIn or via Email.